Furiam Mascot


Vocals: Vanadis Lyberg

Vocals:  Carl Lundvall

Guitar:  Mats Hedström

Synths: Cathrine Milton

Bass: Mattias Lekborn

Drums:  Mikael Milton


It all started late on a dark night in a very dark room where even the light is too frightened to enter.

The light had no power to hold back the dark activites that was performed in that room.

I'm not sure if I can or dare to tell you what was going on in that room that very dark night. This much I can tell you, that some of the dark lyrics and the foundation of the dark songs was created in that room. Through very dark rituals that includes drinking gloomy potions in combinations with words from a gruesome tongue that was not from this world. Mattias Lekborn and Carl Lundvall was the two souls that was participating in this hideous gathering.

The time went by and after a while the time turned into years, the two souls got an idé when they met

four other souls who was hunting for the perfect dark tune. Perhaps they could join together and use the dark creations that was summoned that dark night in that dark room by Mattias and Carl. In that moment Furiam was born...

Furiam band


Carl Lundvall - Vocals

Furiam Vanadis

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